Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Happy: I’m happy but you don’t like me - Asobu Seksu
Love: Love, hate, love - Alice in Chains
Hate: Hate to feel  - Alice in Chains
Light: Light up my room - Barenaked Ladies
Dark: Dark rift - God is an Astronaut
Good: Goodbye baby - Big Bang
Bad: Bad Boy - Big Bang
Smile: Smile for the camera - Armor for sleep
Cry: Cry for more fish - Melt-Banana
Girl: Cries a Girl - Buck 65
Boy: The Boy who blocked his own shot - Brand New

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Zico: The 7th album. 7 members. 7 seasons.
Me: 3 sevens. 7*3=21. 2NE1 has 4 members and they released 3 digital singles in 2013. 4*3=12. There are 12 members in EXO. EXO has 3 letters. Half-life 3 confirmed.


i cant read fics with even the tiniest bit of mess in continuity like what do you mean you guys took the car to the movies but you decided to walk home after the movies because the weather was so nice

what do you mean you just left the car at the parking lot 

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Heroes who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save other people. Rest in peace. #RIP #PrayForSouthKorea #SouthKoreaFerry #Sewol #Korea #squaready